Open Access Publishing: Research projects and open access

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What do you have to do?

1. Before publishing remember to:

2. Once you have published, notify us:

  • Notify us regarding your publication through the Scientific Outpout Portal (PPC) intranet and deposit the author’s final version (postprint) so that it can be published in the e-Repositori.
  • The Library will update your CV and publish it in the e-Repositori. Once available, we will provide you with the article’s permanent address on the e-Repositori for purposes of reports and dissemination.

Grants that require open access publishing

Your publications must be available in open access (6 months for science, technology and medicine, and 12 for social sciences and humanities) if you are receiving any of these grants:

Horizon 2020


European Research Council (ERC)


Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades

Do publishers allow articles to be filed in repositories?

Does the journal offer the option to pay for open access?

Some commercial publishers offer authors the option to pay to publish in open access (Article Processing Charges [APC]). The publishing fee varies depending on the publisher and based on each publication.

Note: UPF has discounts for publishing in open access.

How to fullfil the open access mandates (leaflet)