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Machines information

When we select a virtual machine from the left panel, VMware information about the selected machine appears in the central panel. For example, if we go to the pool and we click on research.s.upf.edu, a panel with information of the specified machine will appear.

The most relevant information that appears In this panel is:

  • Operative system (Guest OS): it shows us which operative system the machine is using (Windows/Unix).
  • VMware Tools: Shows us which VMware version the machine uses.
  • DNS Name: Shows us the DNS of this machine. It’s important to know that it’s not necessarily the real DNS of the machine, as this is a field that is filled manually.
  • IP Addresses (a machine can have more than an IP): Shows us all IP addresses that are associated to the machine.
  • VLANs the machine is connected to (Network adapter). Shows us what networks are connected to the machine and through what interfaces (Network adapter). In this case they are recerca-s-884.

The panel also shows us other machine data, for example the rest CPUs, the RAM memory and the disk space.