VMware: virtualization system: Introduction

User’s Guide to access VMware service through vSphere platform.

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Service description

VMware service allows the user to create and manage our virtual machines, and also the access to them. To enjoy this service it’s necessary to use vSphere, the display shelf corresponding website.

What does VMware service offer us?

  • Agility when creating virtual machines: this versatility allows us to quickly change de nets we belong to, the size of the virtual memory or cpu or the disk’s space.
  • Flexibility when deploying machines based on a common image: We can make copies of servers with a single click. It also allows a multitude of operating systems
  • Security: we add a security layer by creating privileged accesses (root or admin) to our server independently.
  • Snapshots: these create a recovery point where we can go back in case we don’t want to save the last changes that have been made.
  • Portability: the virtual machine configuration is made in few files. Cloning or transferring the virtual machine is very simple, as we only have to copy or clone the files that encapsulate the machine.