VMware: virtualization system: Hosts and clusters

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Hosts and clusters

To access "Hosts and Clusters" we click on this option in the left panel of the main view. A list like the one in the next screenshot will display:

​We can see different groups of machines. Pools where the information is are vcsa.ccp.upf.edu and CPD-Poblenou. The information users are interested in is inside these pools. The groups that are important to keep in mind are:

  • vmccp108-109: machines for internal affairs.
  • vmccp200-207: where all the machines are.  

Inside these groups there are three different icons:

  Physical machines.  

 Pools. Inside them there may be more pools or virtual machines.  

Virtual machines. If this icon is accompanied by a green triangle it means that the virtual machine selected is working. It’s a good idea to keep the virtual machines inside the pools for more organization.