VMware: virtualization system: Actions

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Click on "Actions" inside the same panel where the machine’s information has been shown to us (top left next the machine’s name). The following menu will appear:

The most common actions are marked by a red box:

  • Power: Turn on, turn off or reboot.
  • Guest OS: These actions affect the operative system.  
  • Snapshots: If we click on ‘Take a snapshot’ a backup of the machine will be taken at that current moment. If we wrongly or accidentally modify the machine, we can recover the backup and rewind the machine to the time we took the snapshot.
  • Open Console: It’s important to keep in mind that once we’re inside the virtual machine’s console the keyboard changes to an American configuration, so most of the symbols will be in different keys.
  • Clone: It clones a machine (saves it to configuration – files) to another virtual machine or it generates a template. 
  • Edit Settings: It appears enabled but it is not possible to modify any parameter. Contact to technical support in order to add more resources.