Research data management: Publishing data in UPF

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Publishing data in the e-Repositori

  • If you foresee you can make a transfer of results, consult with the Innovation Unit
  • If you want to disseminate your research data, you can do it under the following conditions:
  1. At least one author must belong to the UPF university community. 
  2. Data should not be restricted and should not contain any confidential or intellectual or industrial property, either for reasons of privacy, or other reasons.
  3. Data will be deposited in open access. You can choose an embargo for a maximum period of two years.  
  4. The research data must be definitive or related to a journal. 
To deposit data, fill the form

Characteristics of the RDR

Its main features are:

  • Managed with Dataverse: open source software for sharing, preserving, citing, discovering, and analyzing research data
  • Uses persistent identifiers (DOI) assigned via DataCite
  • Customization: allows you to manage the space of each research group.
  • You can connect to each author's ORCID identifier
  • It supports files up to 10 GB by default, easily expandable to larger files
  • It offers medium-high preservation performance
  • It uses open metadata based on Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and Dublin Core (DC). They can be found by search engines and it has numerous integrated schemes of general use in the different subject areas, encouraging the exchange of information in other schemes and also allowing the use of controlled vocabularies.