Research data management: Data management and publishing

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To publish research data openly allows secure, freely and universal access to these data. And also proper preservation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, visibility and impact of the data. Besides, it will comply with the requirements of funders.

Data Research at European Programs (H2020 and Horizon Europe)

European projects should develop a Management Plan Data and deliver it during the first six months of the project. Also, the data must deposited in an open repository. More information:

Personal data

Please refer to the Spanish and European legislation and the procedure for the treatment of personal data in research, development and innovation. 

UPF information about personal data protection, such as safety measures, are available in the intranet of Protecció de dades de caràcter personal. 

In order to request an ethical review of the project, consult the Institutional Committee for Ethical Review of Projects (CIREP-UPF).

Create the Data Management Plan

It includes the guides to follow the specifications to create the DMP of the:

  • Program Horizon 2020 (FAIR data), personalized with UPF specifications (backup policy, etc).
  • Projects funded by the Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación
  • PhD Students

Templates to create the DMP:

Data Management Plan for PhD students