Theses: Thesis format

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These edition and format guidelines are compulsory, unless otherwise stated.

Recommended word processors

  • Microsoft Word 
  • Open Office writer 
  • LaTeX 


Thesis can be presented in either of these formats:


  • B5 format (ISO 176 mm x 250 mm) [Recommended]
  • DIN A4 format

The templates are just examples, the only compulsory requirements are the ones in this procedure.

Paper and binding

  • The paper should preferably be recycled (80-100 g) and must be printed on both sides
  • For the cover, we recommend you use card of approximately 300 g and apply a laminate gloss finish
  • The binding technique used should be perfect binding (with adhesive)

In order to print on paper to ISO B5 size (176 mm x 250 mm) you can use A4 paper and guillotine it to B5 size: 
The side margins need to be trimmed by 1.7 cm and the bottom margin by 4.7 cm. 

Type and font size

Recommended fonts:
  • Times New Roman
  • Arial (preferably in upper case)
  • Garamond
  • Epigraphs, chapter titles and section titles: 14 points.
  • Body of the thesis:
    • 11 or 12 points
    • single or 1.5 spacing
  • ​Image captions and footnotes: 10 points.
Recommendation for text divisions: see the UPF Style Guide.

Margins and paragraphs

  • The margins cannot be used for footnotes.
  • The first line of the paragraph should not be indented. However, indentation can be used in some cases, for example for quotations.
  • There should be a one-line space between paragraphs.
  • If you want to separate the footnotes, you can do so in Word as follows: Format > Paragraph > Indents and space> After > 5 pt.


  • If you are using A4 paper, you need to configure the page by selecting the type of paper: envelope B5 176 x 250 mm and the following margins:
    • ​top and bottom margins: 2,5 cm
    • ​side margins (left and right): 3 cm


  • Top, bottom and side margins must be 3 cm


The academic regulations on doctoral studies indicate:

Article 13. Language of writing and defence of the doctoral thesis
"The thesis may be written and defended in any of the languages commonly used in scientific communication in the relevant field of knowledge. If the language of writing and defence of the thesis is not Catalan, Spanish or English, the doctoral student must notify the academic committee of the doctoral programme of this beforehand."

The cover and the title page must show, in Catalan, the words  "TESI DOCTORAL UPF / year of presentation" and "Directors de la tesi"