Scientific Output Portal: What is the PPC?

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What is the PPC

The PPC contains information about UPF researchers’ publications, research grants, conferences, supervised theses, awards, etc. The PPC aims:

  • To be the main source of information about UPF researchers’ scientific output.
  • To provide information about UPFresearchers to the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya (Research Portal of Catalonia, PRC). T
  • To supply information about scientific output to the university’s various websites (department, academic coordination unit (UCA), group, or personal).
  • To enable the generation and management of researchers’ CVs.
  • To offer the academic community and society at large current information about the research conducted at the university.

The PPC supplies information to two portals:

  • UPF Experts Guide: intended to raise media awareness of UPF experts.
  • Research Portal of Catalonia (PRC): intended to increase the visibility of and disseminate from a single site all research conducted in Catalonia (publications, theses, projects, etc.) thereby facilitating open access to scientific output. Therefore, if you would like your output to be included in the PRC, make sure to keep your CV up to date in the PPC. Managed by the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC).