Scientific Output Portal: Editing scientific output data

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Click the ADD option to add a new activity or place the cursor over the activity to be modified (highlighted in blue) and click EDIT.
In the publications section, whenever possible, you should add the following information, in addition to the required details:
● DOI (digital object identifier) links with the full text of the paper via the publisher.
● The project or projects through which the research was funded.
● The postprint file to provide open access to the full text in the e-Repository (if the publisher so allows).
● The abstract. 
If you would like to highlight an activity, you can do so with either of the following icons:
  • Featured activity: it will be displayed at the start of the list of that specific activity.
  • Activity to be shown on the CVA (Curriculum Vitae Abreviado or abridged CV): it will be displayed on the CVA generated by the PPC. Only activities from the last 10 years are accepted.