Monitoring environment: Frequently asked questions

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How can I get access to Icinga?

To access to Icinga, contact Servei d'Informàtica by a CAU, providing the user and the research group that you belong to.

How can I add a server to Icinga?

If you want to add a new server, please, contact Servei d'Informàtica by a CAU providing:

  • Research group
  • DNS
  • IP
  • Server services

What services do you monitor?

We offer the monitoring of different services:

Basic services :

  • Ping
  • Memory
  • Storage/
  • Storage/boot
  • Storage/var (if it has this partition)
  • CPU load
  • Ssh connection
  • Sssd authentication

More specific services:

  • http
  • tcp
  • mysql 
  • keepalived
  • haproxy
  • gearman
  • nginx
  • supervisor
  • memcached

It only depends on what the machine needs, if you want to monitor another service we can try to add it. You just have to contact Servei d'Informàtica by a CAU.