HPC High Performance Computing: 3. Transferring files

Transferring files

Data movement has to be done through SFTP because SSH is the only allowed method to connect to the cluster. 

It’s important to remember that to access the cluster from outside the campus, a VPN connection must be used for security reasons. Here you have the instructions to configure the VPN.

Once you are connected to the VPN, you must connect to the following address to access to the cluster: hpc.s.upf.edu

To upload / download files to the cluster using a Mac / Windows client, follow these steps:

Mac / Windows:

Download Filezilla Client from https://filezilla-project.org/

Install Filezilla client and configure new site. File > Site Manager

Remember that filezilla puts the default port 21 but you must  change it to 22 to work. 


Click connect and accept RSA key.

Like winscp, accept, your remote files are listed on the right column. Drag and drop or copy and paste from left column (local directory) to the right:


Linux has native SFTP support, you can choose to use it from a terminal or with graphical support:

sftp is an interactive file transfer program, use sftp client from your Linux terminal.

dvaldes@provadan2:~$ sftp dvaldes@hpc.s.upf.edu
dvaldes@hpc.s.upf.edu's password: 
Connected to hpc.s.upf.edu.
sftp> pwd
Remote working directory: /homedtic/dvaldes

Alternatively you can use the graphical file browser:

Login to hpc.s.upf.edu writing the next command on your file manager sftp://hpc.s.upf.edu

When you try to connect a window will be opened asking  for an identity verification:

the login window will appear

Type your username and password and click to log in.

Browse your files when you are connected: