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INPUT Archive: Collection

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Contents and scope

The INPUT Archive was created in 1994, as a result of the agreement between UPF and INPUT. The Archive has a collection of the programs screened at the annual conferences of INPUT, and documents associated with the organization of these conferences.

This collection is complete from 1994 onwards, stored and available for consulting at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Poblenou Campus Library, and is a reference tool aimed at the TV professional and the academic communities.

There is also available a database including information about more than 4000 programs screened since 1978, first year of the INPUT conferences.

Sergio Borelli and James Day Documental Collection

The UPF Library also has the personal documental archives in which Sergio Borelli and James Day, founding members of INPUT, kept documentation related to the different conferences and other administrative documentation derived from their management.

The archives have reached UPF thanks to the donation of James Day and Sergio Borelli's daughter, Caterina Borelli.

Who has lent the collection: INPUT

INPUT, a non-profit international organization of public television programme makers and broadcasters, organises an annual conference to discuss and challenge the boundaries of public TV.

Since 1978 INPUT has held these conferences in cities all over the world, presenting new programs selected for their innovative value, their courage in addressing difficult topics or their willingness to explore uncharted TV territory

The University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, keeps and preserve copies of all programmes screened at INPUT conferences since 1994, and some previous.


Logo Miniput Barcelona

Starting from annual editions of INPUT, some smaller events known as Mini-INPUT o the Best of INPUT take place at different cities of the world.

In Barcelona these event is called MINIPUT, focused on an all day long non-stop programming and debates, during which some selected programs are screened, gathered according to related issues of the corresponding INPUT annual edition.

How to consult the collection

The documentary collection is deposited and available for television scholars at the Poblenou Library/LRC.

The database is open access, but the viewing of the videos is restricted to computers on the UPF network.

Loan of Programs

For  the purpose of organizing Mini-INPUT's and Best of Input events, or doing research using the Archive collection, members of the INPUT International Board & Assembly and National Coordinators are entitled to borrow programs stored in the Archive. Requests should be made to the Biblioteca/CRAI del Poblenou. All applications bearing the authorization of the INPUT Archive coordinator at Universitat Pompeu Fabra will be accepted, under these conditions:

  • Loan term: 30 days maximum
  • Number of simultaneously borrowed: 20 documents maximum
  • Format: the programmes will be sent in DVD format (or in VHS videotape if they're prior to 2004)
  • It will not be possible for us to attend to requests for on loan programs, until they have been given back to the Library
  • Costs: applicants must take charge of all the shipment expenses

To show the most recent programs seen at INPUT, Mini-INPUT's and Best of INPUT's are held to allow greater access for all each year. Mini-INPUT's focus on the edition in the same year, and take place after the INPUT Conference which is held each year in May. 
In contrast, Best of INPUT's may focus on the previous three years of INPUT pre-ceding the event. Some INPUT conditions apply when organising either of these events.

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