Document identifiers: ISBN, ISSN, Legal Deposit and DOI: Identifiers

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

A unique, universal identification number assigned to each commercially published book. In Spain, ISBNs are issued by the national ISBN Agency.

 How can I get an ISBN? Complete the application form available on the ISBN Agency's website.  

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International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

Issn-barcode-explained  An internationally accepted, univocal identification number for periodical publications (journals, newsletters, yearbooks, series of monographs, etc.).

 Who can request an ISSN? Publishers, printers, distributors, subscription agencies, booksellers, libraries, documentation centres, and indexing and abstracting services.  

 How can I get an ISSN? Complete a form online or apply via post.

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Legal deposit number

  The legal deposit system is geared to preserving copies of all a country's published works. It involves a number being issued to each edition of each such work. In Spain, the system applies to all publications produced for dissemination purposes in the country, regardless of their type and format, whether subject to payment or free of charge.

 How can I get a legal deposit number? Complete the form available from the Library of Catalonia's website.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

  An international system for identifying digital objects. It involves assigning a unique number to books, journal articles, chapters, etc., to facilitate their identification and automatic management.  

 How can I get a DOI? Apply via one of the following official bodies: Medra or CrossRef (applications should be made by the relevant publication's publisher).

Applications may also be made via the Institute of Catalan Studies.

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An open system for assigning persistent identifiers (URLs that do not vary even when a page's location is changed) to digital objects on the internet (articles, journals, images, etc.). 

Developed by the CNRI (Corporation for National Research Initiatives) in the USA, handles consist of two parts:

1. Prefix: identifies a producer (university, publisher, journal, etc.).

2. Suffix: identifies a digital work or document (article, book, chapter, etc.).


 How can I get a handle? When you deposit a document in UPF's digital repository, you will automatically receive a handle that will identify it and guarantee it a permanent URL.

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