Scientific signature: author name and affiliation: Introduction

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Scientific publications are the best means of ensuring the visibility of the scientific activity and output of Pompeu Fabra University's researchers. However, if researchers do not standardize their first name, surname(s) and institutional affiliation when stating their details in publications, that visibility is reduced.

In order for UPF to enjoy the status in rankings and, thus, the international renown it deserves, given the volume and quality of the publications it generates, there are some very simple yet effective guidelines to be followed with regard to author details in scientific work for publication. These recommendations are aimed at ensuring that:

  • There is a reference to UPF in every publication generated by the University's researchers.
  • UPF is always referred to in the same way in publications, so that international bibliographic databases recognize and treat it as a single institution rather than a number of different ones.
  • Each author settles on a way of writing their name which clearly identifies them and distinguishes them from others, so that bibliographic databases recognize and treat them as a single author.

The Office of the Vice-rector for Research thus recommends that authors always give the standardized version of their name, followed immediately by their institutional affiliation, in each of their scientific publications or contributions.