Network Disk: Configuration

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Filezilla installation

The following screenshots show us how to configure with FileZilla client, so we need to have it installed in our computer. Click on the following link to download the application:

Create a new site

In FileZilla we click File – Create new site (or press CTRL + S).

Add the server

From My Sites, we click on “New Site” and we name it


In the same tab in My sites – General, we provide the following settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 21
  • Protocol: FTP – Protocol of File Transfer
  • Cipher: Require FTP explicit over TLS
  • Access method: Normal
  • User:|nsurname

It is required to specify the name of the server on the header. We must also specify our research user, with the pattern of the first letter of our name (n) followed by our surname. Between server and user we add the vertical bar ( | ) with the shortcut 'AltGr + 1'.

Some organizations may block the connections through the port 21, which is used in the standard method, for considering it a potentially insecure protocol. In case we cannot establish the connection through the standard port, we will use: 

  • Port: 990
  • Cipher: Require FTP implicit over TLS


Once we have completed all fields correctly we click CONNECT and complete the steps to access the FTPs service.