Owncloud: file synchronization: Android

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Step 1

To set up an Android mobile and configue it to synchronize data to and from ownCloud server, go to Play Store, search ownCloud and install the application. You will have to configure Google Wallet to pay for the download. The price is 0,79€  

Step 2

Open the application. On the welcome screen, please provide these settings:

Step 3

Once connected you can setup an application pin to protect your data in case your Android device is stolen or lost, and allow the camera to upload the photos you take directly to the ownCloud server.

Select the configured account and begin using the app. By default, no data is passed locally to the Android device, so the files you see on your Android device are in the server. Selecting individual files gives you different options.

  • Download the file: is the default behavior, done when selecting the file. A green indicator shows when the file has been downloaded.
  • Keep file synched: select the file, keep it pressed and select Details. By checking the checkbox, any change that happens locally to this file will be passed to the server.
  • Rename or delete: keep the file pressed until the menu appears.