Research data management: Support in data management and publishing

Why publish open data?

To publish research data openly allows secure, freely and universal access to these data. And also proper preservation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, visibility and impact of the data. Besides, it will comply with the requirements of funders.

Data Research Program H2020


The Program Horizon 2020  projects taking part of the Pilot Open Data Research should develop a Management Plan Data and deliver it during the first six months of the project. Also, the data must deposited in an open repositoryMore information:

Personal data

Please refer to the Spanish and European legislation and the procedure for the treatment of personal data in research, development and innovation. 

UPF information about personal data protection, such as safety measures, are available in the Campus Global > The University > Protection of personal data

In order to request an ethical review of the project, consult the Internal Committee for the Ethical Review of Projects (CIREP).

More information and training

Create the Data Management Plan

Online tool that allows to write and elaborate the DMP in a fast, simple and collaborative way. It's based on the Program Horizon 2020 instructions (FAIR Data), and it's personalized with UPF specifications (backup policy, etc):

Publishing open data

There are different options to publish your data:

1. Check out if there is a subject repository in your area. See 

2. Publish data in the e-Repository (UPF)

3. Other multidisciplinary repositories (Zenodo, Dryad, Dataverse, Figshare, Mendeley Data ...):

If you do not wish to publish your data in the UPF Repository, please contact us in order to link the data with the related publications.

Citing data Author(s) (Year): Title. Editor. Identifier (DOI, Handle)
Example: Irino, T; Tada, R (2009): Chemical and mineral compositions of sediments from ODP Site 127‐797. Geological Institute, University of Tokyo.

Force11: Author(s), Year, Title dataset, Repository, Version, Identifier (DOI, Handle)
Example: Chan, AH, Anderson, K, 2015, X-Ray Diffraction data for: RT52A from E. Coli. PDB COde 5C25, SBGrid Data Bank, v1, 

Contact / Help

Contact the Library via email address at or by telephone at 93 542 17 27.

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